THE OTHER “F” WORD: How Smart Leaders, Teams, and Entrepreneurs Put Failure to Work, by John Danner and Mark Coopersmith

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Organizations want faster growth, more innovation and deeper employee engagement. Executives, entrepreneurs and teams know how hard that is to do.

The good news? There’s a largely untapped resource immediately available that can help you advance this agenda. But most people have trouble even talking about it. It’s failure—the “Other F Word”—and it’s the one asset you and your colleagues create and pay for every day. You might as well put it to work.

Turn failure from an unfortunate regret to a strategic resource

In this provocative and practical book, the authors share failure-savvy insights from exclusive interviews with leaders from multinationals to startups. Danner and Coopersmith add their interdisciplinary background as executives, entrepreneurs, board members and advisors. As professors at the UC Berkeley and Princeton, they also contribute their research and classroom experience with students and executives from around the world. So tap into the power of The Other “F” Word, and put failure to work today!

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Learn more about the book, in the words of the authors, John Danner and Mark Coopersmith.


“Great innovators build on failure. Danner and Coopersmith tell you how to use it to create value.” —Walter Isaacson, CEO Aspen Institute, former Chairman CNN

“Whether you’re a CEO or a rising star, don’t overlook failure. It might point the way to your next high-impact venture or where to pivot.” —Linda Rottenberg, Endeavor CEO

“Start putting this book to work before you make another move—if you want to succeed.” —Guy Kawasaki, startup guru

Additional praise from Steve Blank, Vivek Wadhwa, Tammy Erickson, Randy Komisar, Charlene Li, Scott Delman, Linda Rottenberg, Kare Anderson, and more.

Watch the Berkeley-Hass interview with authors John Danner and Mark Coopersmith:


JOHN DANNER is a management consultant, professor, entrepreneur and speaker. He advises global enterprises and emerging ventures; he also anchors executive education programs. Danner teaches at the UC Berkeley and Princeton. 2015-1-16 Caffe Trieste OFWHe conceived the idea for TED U[niversity]. For more, visit Danner’s website.

MARK COOPERSMITH is an executive, entrepreneur, advisor and speaker. He teaches innovation and entrepreneurship as a Senior Fellow at UC Berkeley. He has built global businesses for Sony and Newell Rubbermaid, and launched Silicon Valley startups. For more, visit Coopersmith’s website.

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